City worker throwing away trash

In 2014, Council District 6 launched their first Clean Sweet Team (formerly called the Strike Team), with one employee in one truck, becoming the first City Council District to create a full-time, in-house, bulky item removal position. Today, Council District 6 has two full-time staffers who pick up illegal bulky items throughout the district and facilitate pickups by the City’s Bureau of Sanitation for larger items. Sanitation is responsible for illegal and authorized bulky item pickup throughout the City and Council District 6’s Clean Sweep Team supplements that work in the District. 

In 2021, the CD 6 Clean Sweep Team removed approximately 390 tons of trash from the district, and over the last five years, an estimated 9,000 tons of trash have been removed in Council District 6 by the City’s Bureau of Sanitation with the assistance of CD6’s Clean Sweep Team.