Group of women hugging

The San Fernando Valley continues to combat a widespread human trafficking problem. In November 2015, Council District 6 worked with community partners to launch a human trafficking task force in the San Fernando Valley, as well as South LA, and to increase efforts that help women and girls who are caught in the nightmare of human trafficking escape and get the assistance they need. The Task Force is also focused on the prosecution of pimps and the those individuals responsible for human trafficking.

With local partners, such as the City Attorney, LAPD, the Mary Magdalene Project, Groups Against Street Prostitution (GASP), and the Coalition to Abolish Slavery & Trafficking (CAST), these issues are being addressed for the benefit of all residents.


In partnership with LAPD Operations Valley Bureau, Council District 6 created the first Human Trafficking Task Force of its kind in Los Angeles. Since it’s establishment in 2015, this team made great strides in ending human trafficking in our City and expanded the Task Force to LAPD Operations-South Bureau, LAPD West Valley Division, and throughout our City.


At the end of Human Trafficking Awareness Month 2020, the City Council passed an ordinance mandating the posting and enforcement of human trafficking hotline posters in sexually oriented businesses, airports, bus stations, urgent cares and other locations. The data shows that women caught in the nightmare of human trafficking seek help in higher numbers when they see posters with hotline phone numbers. Through these postings under the City of Los Angeles ordinance, victims, and anyone who suspects human trafficking is taking place, will have greater access to 24-hour hotlines and be better positioned to report a potential incident of human trafficking. We are letting victims know that the City of Los Angeles is listening to them and doing everything we can to help end their suffering.